Youth capital is emerging markets’ secret weapon

Young people represent the greatest economic potential and opportunity for social progress in emerging markets. Yet, this is not being utilised: 200 million young people are failing to achieve their development potential. Despite often being better educated than previous generations, they are trapped in cycles of inequality which prevent economic progress. The Emerging Markets Symposium, […]

Shared living is an exciting new investment opportunity

The shared economy has become firmly established with Millennials and there are great opportunities for it to extend to the residential market. The concept of shared living is becoming increasingly popular in New York and is likely to become a new phenomenon in the UK too, especially in London where young professionals find it difficult […]

Don’t mistake CSR for philanthropy – they’re not the same

Companies sometimes mistake philanthropy for social responsibility. Social responsibility should be at the heart of every decision a company takes, but all too often CEOs fail to embed it in their business. Ensuring a CSR strategy is at the heart of a business model means it becomes more than just chequebook philanthropy. When CSR is […]

Pilot training academies can solve the industry’s biggest problem

Investor confidence in the commercial aviation industry has rebounded in recent months, following a tumultuous period in which the industry suffered from high oil prices, the global financial crisis and increasing market competition. However, despite this projected growth, a shortage of qualified commercial pilots threatens to hinder the industry. The increased demand for pilots, especially […]

Why investors are still backing President Trump

Once we get past his rhetoric, President Trump is good news for business and this is reflected in growing investor confidence. Continually delivering on his promises, Trump has won over key business leaders and is committed to investing in US infrastructure. As a businessman himself he is pragmatic in his approach, and while question marks […]

What the UK banking industry could learn from US challengers

The banking industry is ripe for disruption yet it has proved difficult for challenger banks to break in to the UK. By contrast, in the US, challenger banks have found it easier to make inroads into banking. There is a long tradition of community banking, with around 14,000 banks vying for business, compared to the […]