“Unless a company has a clear point of differentiation it does not have a strategic vision. Setting a strategy, rather than deploying a series of tactics, is the biggest challenge for any new business.”

Thought Leadership


The biggest attraction of venture capitalism is its variety and scope. You need to have detailed knowledge about a wide range of markets and sectors – some of them very specialist – because one day you could be closing on a new hospitality investment and the next deciding whether or not to purchase an aircraft simulator.

But the one factor that unites them all is the need for a clear strategic focus.

As an entrepreneur, I have always set out clear investment strategies; as a deal maker, I have always looked for new opportunities in new markets; as a philanthropist, I have always believed that business must give back to society. This approach is at the core of my business philosophy and I try to communicate it through my writing.

“More British firms should be trying to trade with India; we have a shared language and there is still a huge reservoir of goodwill towards Britain.”

Areas of practice


Bhanu provides strategic focus to Alpha Aviation, a leading pilot training company which works with airlines across the globe, specialising in cadet assessment and selection. Based in the Philippines, it has rapidly established itself as a market leader and its training is accredited in several territories in south-east Asia.


Bhanu has been involved in the US banking sector for more than decade and is a former director of Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation and current director of Customers Bancorp in the US. He is continuing a family tradition: one of his great grandfathers was Chairman of the Punjab National Bank, which was once the largest bank in India.


Bhanu has vast experience of sourcing and advising on deals in emerging markets, such as south east Asia and India, where his family has a track record of successful ventures in hospitality and real estate. C & C Alpha Group sponsors the annual Emerging Markets Symposium at Green Templeton College, Oxford University, where academics and policymakers from around the world debate major economic and social issues.


Bhanu works closely with ambitious entrepreneurs looking to grow their business for the long term. C & C Alpha Group has a longer timeline than most private equity companies, which means they are not looking for a quick exit – but for the right exit at the right time.


Bhanu is a Trustee of the Choudhrie Family Foundation, which funds major medical research projects and educational initiatives in Britain and the USA. He is a director of Path To Success, a London-based charity, which is funding female athletes on the road to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.


Bhanu has a track record of building innovative and premium residential accommodation in and around New York, and has been active in the New York market since 2009. He is also a director of Megalith Realty, a London-based property manager and developer. Bhanu’s family has a long history of investing successfully in real estate, having been involved in the Indian property market since the 1920s.

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